Learn, build, share.

HackTheMidlands is a 24-hour, inclusive hackathon being hosted in Birmingham on the 23rd-24th September 2017 at Millennium Point.

Over the 24 hours, people aged 14+ of all skill levels (you don't have to be a professional or a student! Just be lovely, passionate and interested in tech!) will come together to share ideas, and create new and awesome projects!

We put a high emphasis on building, creating and sharing your ideas and giving you the platform to inovate on. No matter where you come from, how much experinece you hold or what you intend to make; HackTheMidlands is the place where your aspirations can come a reality.

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Participants can be of any age can be submitted into the hackathon and have a chance of running for any of the prizes going.

If you are entering as a team, your team size must not exceed 4 people.


When submitting your project, we require the following things:

  • Access to the source code of your project, we recommend using a GitHub repository for this. If you require advise on setting up GitHub, speak to an organiser of the event.
  • You must have a presentation prepaired for this event, you will be required to present for no longer than 2 minutes to the sponsors and judges.
  • Any hardware requirements must be made clear to the organisers before presentations start so that we can ensure we have the correct hardware for you to present. 

How to enter

Tickets can be retreived from our EventBrite site, you must have a ticket in order to attend the event otherwise you may risk not gaining entry to the hackathon.


All challenges, workshops and timetables can be found at our new timetable website.


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Naomi Penford

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Samsung Internet

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Rabeb Othmani

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Sam Machin

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Peter Cripps

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Olivia Tan

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Josh Simpson
The Medic App

Judging Criteria

  • Deadline
    All submissions must be made by 1pm on Sunday, one hour after the hacking has started.